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What can you manage with human resource software?

Human resource software is a business productivity application that allows organizations to manage their workforces efficiently. This post talks about the different aspects of HRM that the software helps with managing.

Recruitment: It starts with recruitment, the first step of entry into an organization for employees. From maintaining a detailed applicant tracking system to scheduling interviews and on-boarding them, all recruitment-related tasks can be handled.

Training & development: Employees need to be trained and their careers need to be developed. To this end, the software keeps a detailed record of all the training an employee has gone through and even lets them test their performance through exams.

Payroll/Benefits: Handled as two separate tasks or as one, payroll and benefits administration are complicated tasks that the software makes very easy to manage. By directly feeding in data from time and attendance, you can save time wasted in data duplication.

Performance management: With the software, performance management can be carried out in an engaging and effective manner. The software automatically helps with ensuring that everyone completes their appraisal in time. Different types of performance appraisals can be used.

Time & attendance management: Another important responsibility of the hr team is to maintain accurate time and attendance records. These have to be presented later for calculation of payroll and other activities. Using biometrics along with the software, this can be done.

Document and personnel management: With this software, record-keeping becomes very easy and convenient for HR professionals. Gone are the days when huge filing cabinets are needed for storing huge volumes of documents. Today, everything is digitized and stored using the software’s document management capabilities. With the option to integrate e-signature software with this application, you can choose to manage everything digitally.

Human resource software takes your HRM digital and improves your handling of your workforce.

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